The best way to treating cracked heels it to never get them in the first place. This is easy to do, there are only a few preventative measures you have to follow. Cracks typically develop in calluses that have built up over time. When you are dehydrated or are exposed to dry conditions, and your skin dries out. Eventually, something will trigger a crack start, such as extra pressure on your feet.

By keeping your calluses in check, our feet moisturized, and your weight evenly distributed you can prevent cracked heels. Here are some tips to help you achieve this.

Moisturize your feet regularly to keep them soft and healthy. Moisturize once a day after showers and before bed.

   Drink Water    
Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin hydrated, soft, and healthy, plus it will flush toxins from your system.

If the air in your home is dry, especially during winter time, consider getting a warm air humidifier. This will counteract the dryness.

Always wear socks if you are prone to dry and cracking feet. This will help to lock in moisture, and keep your feet soft.

   Shoe Insoles    
Wearing shoe insoles can help to redistribute pressure when you are walking. If all your weight is on your heels, it can trigger cracks to start.

   Healthy Weight    
If you are overweight, your feet have more pressure on them. This can result in expanding of heel skin, and may lead to cracking.

   Avoid Sandals    
Wearing sandals, or open heel shoes, exposes your feet to the air. This can lead to them getting dried out and cracking.

   Callus Removal    
Calluses that build up over time should be removed with a pumice stone or a ped-egg before they have a chance to crack open.

   Avoid Hot Showers    
Avoid excessive hot showers or baths, as these can remove natural oils and leach moisture from your skin.

   Avoid Cutting    
Do not try cutting calluses with scissors or blades. You could end up slipping and making things worse. You may start a new crack.

   Heel Cups    
Similar to insoles, heel cups are used inside of shoes. These hold the pad of your heel and keep the skin from expanding when you walk.

   Excessive Standing    
Being in the standing position too much can cause heels to expand and crack. Sit and give your feet a break when at all possible.